Welcome to the Tosa Gyoen Hotel.

Tosa Gyoen is a well-established ryokan, or traditional Japanese hotel, and a landmark in the Kochi region. We are located just a five minute walk from JR Kochi station.
The hotel is conveniently located in downtown Kochi, making attractions such as the Kochi Castle, the Harimaya Bridge, and the Sunday Market easily accessible by foot.
With its many exclusive, delicious local foods, Kochi prefecture is ranked first in all of Japan for its rich selection of delicacies from the surrounding ocean, mountains, and rivers. A truly gourmet prefecture.
You are sure to enjoy the meals from our first-class Japanese restaurant, served as soon as they are prepared. For those who would prefer to take it easy in their room, we also offer delectable dishes via room service.
At dinner time, you can watch our skilled staff display their mastery at the Tataki Studio on the 2nd floor. Sear! Cut! Serve! - katsuo no tataki is a delicious preparation of Bonito, seared on the outside and still fresh and tender in the center.
Our katsuo no tataki remains unrivaled - a must-see, not to mention a must-eat!
We're also proud of our public bathing facilities, among the best in the entire Kochi region. Our luxurious accommodation packages will ensure that your trip is as perfect as it can be.